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Medical Care Field

The product has passed FDA certification, CE certification and the certifications of ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO13485 Quality Management System. The gloves boast comfortableness and excellent quality. They are widely applied to various fields of medical system after being subjected to modification treatment.

Product Characteristics: reliable quality, and good virus isolation effect
Application Fields: hospitals, residential homes for senior citizens, tooth clinics, drugstores, etc.
Packing Form: 100 pieces/box (10 boxes/case)


Food and Dining Field

The product meets NSF requirements, is made by using eco-friendly material, and has good bacteria isolation function and effect. With various packing forms and colors and convenience in use, the product is widely applied to food processing, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Production Characteristics: Eco-friendly material, oil resistance and good bacteria isolation effect
Application Fields: Food processing factories, hotels, restaurants, etc.
Packing Form: 100 pieces/box (10 boxes/case)


Electronic Processing Field

It has the characteristics of comfortableness in wearing and flexible operation, does not contain any latex component or generate anaphylactic reaction, is suitable for both left and right hands, and is economical and durable.

Product Characteristics: Comfortable, anti-static
Application Fields: Manufacturers of precision products such as semiconductors, photovoltaic products and medical equipment
Packing Form: 100 pieces/box (10 boxes/case)


General Field

It has the characteristics of easy wearing, dirt resistance and corrosion resistance, can effectively isolate the damage of chemical substances and pollutants on human body and protect health, and is widely applied to various fields such as experiment, inspection & quarantine and cleaning.

Product Characteristics: Comfortable wearing, flexible operation, greasy dirt resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.
Application Fields: Laboratories, hair dyeing and hairdressing, hygiene, etc.
Packing Form: 100 pieces/box (10 boxes/case)